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An Open Framework - lego blocks for your platform

Built from ground up for IoT industry

Quickly "compose" your very own platform

Advanced Certificates based Security - learn more, it's best in class

Device whisper - let your devices talk to each other and with humans


Can fit into your existing platform while bringing cascaded data acquisition and analytics (one of our unique value propositions)

Choose language of your choice, database of your choice or mix and match - it is polyglot and we encourage you to be. Freedom in technology selection.

High level language for doing low level tasks. We use modern Javascript and Python wherever applicable to interact with sensors and micro-controllers

Enables you to extend and enhance rather than customize and modify - later is more expensive, difficult and out right dirty work - ask your architect and or developers to confirm this.

About DewDrop Stack



DewDrop IoT Technology Stack

IoT Devices [sensors, cameras, controllable devices and other collectors] is the first layer in the DewDrop ecosystem which collects various events from scoped premises or areas. The real world IoT data begins here. These devices may have low computing power or none at all. These devices connect to DewDrop sensor hub via wired or wireless connection. Device Eg: proximity sensor, light controller, C02 detector, etc

DewDrop Sensor hubs are specialized computers that come in multiple form factors - Micro, Mini and HP. They help integrate data from various sensors & controllable devices from the real world, enable the communication between sensors and the DewDrop Appliance, be it the edge or cloud version.

The sensor hub connects and authenticates itself to the DewDrop Appliance as a client via a secure transport layer that is based on strong client certificate. PacRT certificate management and provisioning product is tightly integrated with DewDrop to make the strong certificate management super easy.

DewDrop Edge Appliance shares the load of cloud appliance in terms of device sensor chattering, localized decision making and faster edge analytics. The edge appliance operates independent of cloud appliance to keep the continuity of the operations on without loss of any data even when the  communication is lost with the cloud. Multiple sensor hubs can connect to the Edge Appliance for upstream collaboration and intelligence The edge appliance has the following key functions - Broker [Eg: MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, etc], Collect, Control, Optimize and Minimize

DewDrop Cloud Appliance federates the edge appliances, aggregates their functions and data. In addition to the key functionalities described in the edge appliance, the Cloud Appliance has Central Dashboard, Device Management & Control hooks, and hosts data and analytics in the cloud. Check the details of DewDrop product for various Edge and Cloud Appliance deployment options.

DewDrop Cascaded Analytics framework provides a layered approach to IoT analytics - from sensor hubs to the north bound cloud appliance. Closer to the device edge, you can get real-time and performance context aware analytics. As you move up the stream northbound, the context for wider and more collective behavior data analytics can be achieved.  Eg: A sensor hub with a camera attached to it can detect and analyze movements directly under its FOV (field of view), that is edge analysis. Three sensor hubs, each with its own camera can form a group under a edge appliance and the appliance can analyze the group behavior of these sensor hubs with their individual cameras.

DewDrop Security framework is based on our DewSecurity product that seamlessly integrates with DewDrop. It provides most user friendly certificate management for millions of devices.

  • OCSP based revocation
  • Conforms to the latest OpenSSL
  • HSM Support
  • Compliance Support

Comes with extensive set of security monitoring and audits. The framework has built-in features to apply advanced machine learning to security event patterns and historical analysis.

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