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DewDrop  Specifications


High number of connections per broker

High number of appliances/sensor hubs

High Message Throughput with encryption turned on

  • Higher with messages/sec per broker without encryption switched on (not recommended)
  • * (Contact us for Data Sheet)


Appliance performance varies with vendor specifications and configurations.

  • Micro (Intel Atom)
  • Mini (IMX6)
  • HighHP(NVIDIA Tegra)


Appliance available in Cloud and non-Cloud


Transport layer security with strong integrated PKI management is used to provide end-to-end encrypted communication.

Integrated with an independent certificate management and certificate distribution mechanism.


Conformance & Compliance to latest versions of standards.

Elimination of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be performed at edge as well at the cloud layer.

Check more about our security product DewCert.



  • Pluggable Access Control
  • Streaming REST APIs based on Server Sent Event (SSE)

Analytics & Reporting

Cascaded analytics - DewDrop product suite has analytics capabilities at each layer – cloud, edge and device – real-time and narrow scoped context at the edge to wider scope and context at the cloud.


Edge Analytics and Control

  • Local reactive control
  • Video processing capability
  • Real-time analytics
  • Summarization of local data for north bound components
  • Machine learning capabilities when DewDrop Appliance HighHP (NVIDIA Tegra) is used


Cloud Analytics

  • Rich analytics based on ELK
  • Real-time analytics using Apache Flink including machine learning
  • Analytics Dashboard


Stream Analytics

  • Processes every single stream as it flows
  • Unlike Micro-batching, DewDrop does real stream analytics
  • Available at every layer



A secure message broker that is based on event-driven and non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Each broker instance can support ~200K connections and millions in cluster mode.

Messaging Protocols : MQTT 3.1.1, MQTT-SN, CoAP

  • MQTT QoS QoS 0, QoS 1, QoS 2
  • MQTT LWT Last Will Testament on behalf of the client
  • MQTT Retained Message Support for message specified as "retain"


Telemetry, Tele-Command and Communication Protocols to and from the devices and between devices.

Deployable at the Cloud and non-cloud environments.


Sensor Hub

Supported in multiple form factors – Micro, Mini and HighHP.



DewDrop Open Framework Architecture

DewDrop Functional Architecture
HAccS & Deployment OptionsDew
DewDrop Framework


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