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Why IoT Framework and not Platform?


In our view, based on our deep industry knowledge and experience, platform is something every organization wants to reflect their own identity, philosophy and very unique business values. There cannot be one single platform used by two different organizations if they really want any differentiating and unique business values to offer.


In practice, every organization end up doing heavy customization of the platforms they license from a vendor, if they don’t do, they fail to create unique business value to the market and hence the business fails - and that happens a lot in the industry - we all witness that. The platform vendors, in the other hand, try to create single platform, and sell it to many to create a monopoly - that does not help the organization using it. In real, most organizations fall for it - but they soon realize that they need heavy customization to adapt it to exhibit their own business values and identity. That customization is real heavy work and needs lots of dollars. Its like selling a cooked dish to everybody while everybody wants flavors of their own taste. It’s never perfect, if not outright impossible. We realized that problem and decided to create a framework which can be very quickly turned into a unique platform reflecting an organization’s business values, philosophy and identity from the readily available recipes, tools, libraries, APIs to meet the target deployment model, data sources, data format, infrastructure, security needs, privacy protection, dashboard, analytics and reporting.


Based on our experience in building many platforms and frameworks, many of them being in the field of IoT, including the early days IoT, we understood and realized the pain points of using a platform and finally created a framework which is ready to be morphed into unique platforms as per  organizations’ need. We also created the framework from ground up to make it real IoT specific as opposed to creating something by re-purposing an existing legacy platform - we serve new wines in new bottle to meet newly acquired taste of our customers.






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PacRT is focused on providing enhanced functionality to IOT deployments required by enterprise grade and security senstive environments.