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Why DewDrop - Background

The concept of the cloud was evolutionary; it helped many to quickly host their applications and data in a managed online data center (aka cloud) without much overhead. While it works great, it left a gap where many devices need to be managed locally for various reasons - including reducing excessive chatter to the cloud, failure in operations because of internet issues, lack of tight local security, inability to filter out privacy (e.g. PII) related information before the entire information hits the cloud. For all these reasons and more, fog computing came into picture, which aimed at solving some of these problems.


We extended the concept fog computing by creating the flexibility in the framework to get closer to the edge or into the edge itself while creating cascaded data pipe and processing hubs all the way from edge to the cloud in the sky. So we made the gradual progression of Cloud to Fog in our DewDrop - it made a lot of business sense to us to think on these lines because it provides the technical ability to do right things at the right layer. * Instead of DewDrop, it could be RainDrop too; we will preserve that name for our future product :)


DewDrop Functional Features

Open ended platform and framework - for creating your own custom IoT ecosystem without any vendor lock-in. No company we ever worked for used a platform as is. They change it, customize it and morph it to fit into their larger blue print. That comes with an expensive proposition, between the need to extend it and the lack of flexibility or underlying rigidity of the platform. Ours is built from the ground up to be extended without much effort. A funny quote we share sometimes is called coffee comparison - “Face rearranging double espresso from downtown Finale Ligure. Smooth, hand ground soya latte with artisan barista artwork. We don’t know how you like your coffee, do we?”

Necessity vs excess baggage - for most platforms aiming to solve everything and with a company motto to go with it, results in the “only platform” - that brings a lot of excess baggage that may not be needed by the customers; the cost of carrying that excess baggage is high. Our approach is keep what is absolutely needed, eliminate everything else. Our business motto is “We take no prisoners”.

Low touch DevOps - developed from the ground up to be shipped with containers (Docker for now), eliminating the expensive and heavy dev ops. Save many $ in devops expenses.


Minimal dependencies - Linux with latest Docker is the only real dependency it demands, everything else needed is comes as a self-contained package. Get it up and running in minutes and start using it and/or writing code on it.

Cascaded data-pipe, cascaded processing hubs, cascaded analytics – brings the technical capability do the right thing at the right layer as appropriate for your business case to get optimized result and behavior. This helps to optimize bandwidth, produce more real-time behavior, strengthening the security, enforcing privacy (early elimination of PII for example).


Stream processing - in the cloud - apache Flink based stream processing in the cloud component - fastest in the industry.

Polyglot - we strongly believe in horses for courses, and hence we created DewDrop framework such a way that everybody is encouraged to use their favorite language to write program on it. The reason is not to increase system complexity but to let developers use right tools for the right job.


Deep learning – (machine learning) capability in the cloud and in the qualified edge (e.g. NVIDIA Tegra for video analytics)

Industry standard communication protocols - for small and large devices - MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, Web Socket and other regular messaging protocols are supported.


Easy to use - only one day training is needed, not only to operate this, but also to develop applications on top, integrate it with other existing enterprise applications - e.g. RBAC, reporting, etc.


Advanced yet easy to use technology stack


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