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Secure, Scalable Messaging and Appliance Framework


DewDrop is the ultimate secure IoT Appliance that can be used where low latency, high throughput and real-time are paramount to connected devices in your business.


DewDrop is a Secure and Extensible framework that provides an efficient connection to the cloud at Scale. Real time capabilities and various appliance foot prints - from cloud to edge, make it one of the most practical and viable IoT frameworks in the market.




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Security is at the core of the PacRT product suite. DewSecurity is built on the principles of of bringing advanced security features and ease of management.


DewSecurity is a stand-alone product that  integrates into DewDrop framework to provide advanced security features, including integrated PKI services, certificate distribution and easy management.


Transport layer security with strong integrated PKI management is used to provide end-to-end encrypted communication.




Platform Services


PacRT product suite is a technology framework that you can choose to integrate with your existing  platforms and technologies to create IoT solutions and address your business market.


We would love to help create your solutions. We can bring our deep technology experience & partner ecosystem to guide you through your business use cases.










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PacRT is focused on providing enhanced functionality to IOT deployments required by enterprise grade and security senstive environments.