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DewSecurity  Specifications


Integrate into your  technology and processes to provision certificates to your IoT devices.



Validate device and hub integrity and requests before connections are established.



Centralized management of certificates and their life-cycle. Deploy in your secured network or cloud.



Secure connections between end-points, Device Hubs and DewDrop like appliances.


DewSecurity can be used stand-alone and is integrated into our DewDrop product (fits in as a Lego block to bring all the Security requirements).


Transport layer security with strong integrated PKI management is used to provide end-to-end encrypted communication.


Integrated with an independent certificate management and certificate distribution mechanism.

  • Automatic CSR signing (aka Automatic Certificate Issuance)
  • Distribution of signed certificates to large number of devices very quickly
  • Manual & Automatic revocation of network participation
  • Machine learning based revocation (coming real soon)


Conforms to latest version of TLS (1.2) and DTLS (1.2)


Compliance - FedRamp, FIPS140-2, NIST, HIPPA, PCI (*work in progress)


Privacy - Elimination of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be performed at edge as well at the cloud layer



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PacRT is focused on providing enhanced functionality to IOT deployments required by enterprise grade and security senstive environments.