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 DewDrop Framework for IoT Business Use Cases


Video Telemetry & Live-View


DewDrop provides great telemetry and tele-command framework. Besides that, in critical IoT applications where telemetry and tele-commands are not sufficient to ensure correct operations and administration, DewDrop brings video telemetry and live-view capability. Where one not only operates and monitors remotely but also can see those things operating live.


A typical use case based on this scenario is remote medicine administration. A doctor or a nurse can remotely view the patient and the medical device operation as well. This will provide better operational accuracy while still being able to do it remotely.


An industrial plant management is another example where due to potential dangerous environment the machines may need to be operated remotely - adding video telemetry and live-view improves the experience and safety of operating such facilities.

DewDrop has a special drone based solution to be used in agriculture, industrial monitoring and we are also working on incorporating Search and Rescue operations use case.



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